EA for Enterprise Architecture Modeling
(Code: EA4EAM)

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EA for Software Architecture Modeling
(Code: EA4SAM)

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EA for Business Process Modeling
(Code: EA4BPM)

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Requirements Analysis Modeling
(Code: RAM)

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Technical Design Modeling
(Code: TDM)

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EA Software

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80Twenty consultative-centric training curriculum is developed in accordance with ACTA best practices for development and delivery of curriculum and assessment for adult learners. The curriculum is structured as follows:

  • Lecture by trainer on key concepts such as Enterprise Architecture, Software Architecture, Model-based Systems Engineering, Business Process Modeling, UML, SysML and many more.
  • Demo by trainer the tools for modeling.
  • Hands-on Workshop for trainees to have in-depth practice to apply lessons learnt.
  • Presentation of workshop solutions by trainees for trainer's feedback.
  • Reflection on how to apply lessons learnt into a real-life live project.

List of Courses & Schedules

Request for Quotation (  RFQ )

Code Title Schedule Location
EA4EAM EA for Enterprise Architecture Modeling (1-day) Mar 25, 2019 Singapore
EA4SAM EA for Software Architecture Modeling (1-day) Mar 26, 2019 Singapore
EA4BPM EA for Business Process Modeling (1-day) Mar 27, 2019 Singapore
RAM Requirements Analysis Modeling (2-days) Apr 1-2, 2019 Singapore
TDM Technical Design Modeling (2-days) Apr 3-4, 2019 Singapore

Training Locations

80Twenty training are available to the public or exclusively to an organization at any customer-preferred location.

Course Type Venue
Public Currently only available at 80Twenty Singapore Venue.
Trainees from various organizations in the same class.
Exclusive 80Twenty Singapore venue; or
Trainee-preferred Venue around the world
Class exclusive to only your own company’s trainees.