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Software Architecture Modeling Essentials
(Code: SAM-E)

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Reliable Internet-of-Things Architecture Essentials
(Code: RIOT-E)

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Business Process Modeling Essentials
(Code: BPM-E)

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Internet-of-Things for Beginners
(Code: IOT-B)

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Enterprise Architecture Modeling Essentials
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EA Software

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After completing the Live Project Workshop, organizations should consider 80Twenty Project Consulting Services (PCS). The intent of PCS is to ensure success in applying or implementing lessons learnt from essentials training and live project workshop into real live projects.

PCS services can include but not limited to the following activities:

  • Mentor/hand-hold project team to apply lessons learnt in essentials training and live project workshop
  • Model review services
  • Conduct additional topics on any related topics and Sparx EA software


Team members must have attended both the relevant Essentials training and Live Project Workshop.


Minimum 3 days per month average throughout the live project duration, that is, from inception through to deployment.


Exclusive-only: 80Twenty or customer preferred venue or via email and/or web-based conferencing