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Software Architecture Modeling Essentials
(Code: SAM-E)

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Reliable Internet-of-Things Architecture Essentials
(Code: RIOT-E)

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Business Process Modeling Essentials
(Code: BPM-E)

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Internet-of-Things for Beginners
(Code: IOT-B)

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Enterprise Architecture Modeling Essentials
(Code: EAM-E)

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80Twenty Live Project Workshop lets trainees use their live project - instead of a generic case study - to apply lessons learnt from the Essentials training. The workshop sessions are intended to get trainees started with their real project through to developing an initial set of the project models and/or deliverables.

In addition, trainees will have the competencies to:

  • Apply lessons learnt from the essentials to any project
  • Analyse their live-project information to develop the project specific models
  • Conduct reviews of the project models to ensure correctness and completeness
  • Manage models such as model baseline, traceability, transformations and specification document generation

Additional competencies and topics can be included.


Trainees must have attended the relevant Essential training such as SAM-E, BPM-E and RIOT-E.


From 2 days onwards


Exclusive-only: 80Twenty or customer venue. Due to the customization using live project, only exclusive training is available.