Requirements Analysis Modeling
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Requirements Analysis Modeling (RAM)

Learning Outcomes

RAM covers the essential analytical and modelling techniques to develop UML-compliant Requirements Analysis Model specification using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect modeling software. Upon completion of this course, trainees will have the competencies to:

  • Understand what is a model, the process and benefits of modelling, universal modelling standards such as UML, the challenges in modelling and how to incorporate modeling practices into existing software development lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Analyse information be it in document, diagram, models or verbal form to develop software functional and data requirements models or specifications
  • Develop the systems functional requirements using the UML Use Case Model
  • Develop the systems data requirements using the UML Class Diagram and Entity Relationship Diagram
  • Review the models to ensure correctness and completeness
  • Manage models such as model baseline, traceability, transformations and specification document generation


2 days


Attendees are assumed to have:

  • Attended the 1-day EA4SAM workshop; and
  • Some knowledge in analysing and documenting software requirements specifications.

Suggested Topics

1 Introduction
Model, Modeling Process, Modeling Standards; Brief on generic Case study; Import User's Requirements Models
2 Functional Requirement Modeling (FRM) with UML Use Case Diagram
Introduction to FRM; Apply analysis techniques to identify functional requirements such as users, external system interfaces, functions, sub-functions and other exceptions handling; and Develop the use case diagram(s) to visualize functional requirements
Workshop 1: Analyse, identify and develop Functional Requirement using UML Use Case diagram
3 Functional Requirement Specification with Use Case Scenario Specification
Apply analysis techniques to robustly identify use case scenarios; Specify functional requirement details using the use case model scenario specifications; and Review scenario specifications
Workshop 2: Analyze and specify functional requirement specification using use case scenario specifications
4 Data Requirement Modeling (DRM)
Introduction to DRM; Apply analysis techniques to identify data requirements such entity classes, attributes and relationships; and Develop the data requirement models using the UML Class Diagram.
Workshop 3: Analyse, identify & develop data requirements model using UML Class Diagram
5 Analysis Model Management
Model Baseline; Model Traceability & Impact Analysis; and Review FRM & DRM using Matrix Specification and Traceability
Workshop 4: Analysis Model Management using EA

Course Requirements

Trainees are responsible to bring the following for the training:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or later notebook installed with Enterprise Architect Corporate Edition (Download 30-day evaluation license from ); and
  • The EA4SAM course material.

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