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Why 80Twenty?

Choose us if you believe in developing reliable, efficient, robust, scalable & user-acceptable software systems.

80Twenty has been providing training and consulting services since 1999 to assist organizations adopt best practices in software systems architecture modelling using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and other relevant technologies.


Learn to master the concepts, practices and tools to start modelling the architecture of a project.


On-the-job mentoring to adapt, customise, extend and deploy modelling best practices using a live project.


Continue to receive support in order to sustain your architecture modelling best practices.

About Us

Architecture Modelling Evangelist

Founded in 1999 to enable organizations to develop better, reliable, robust, extensible and user-acceptable software systems. The characteristics of our training-driven services are as follows:

Consultative Approach

Focus on hands-on practice based on either generic or live project as a case-study covering techniques & tools to analyse, model, specify, review and refine software systems models.

Customizable Curriculum

To ensure training effectiveness, all our curriculum can be customized according to your in-house live project requirements.

Continuous Support

Our post-training services will ensure effective and sustainable implementation of your best practices including the use of tools.


Curriculum & Consulting Services

Choose one or more curriculum and consulting services to customize according to your organizational and project requirements.

User Centered Design (UCD)

UCD is a process that focuses on users and their needs. It is important to focus on the users in order to ensure application effectiveness, efficiency and ultimately user satisfaction.

You will learn the process, techniques, principles, best practices and tools for:

  • User Research and Ideations;
  • UI/UX Design; and
  • Usability Testing

Software Architecture Modeling (SAM)

SAM or popularly know as OOAD focuses on detail analysis and design of the user scenarios discovered during the UCD process.

You will learn the best practices, techniques and tools for modeling software systems:

  • Functionality and Constraints;
  • Data Requirements; and
  • Technical Design.

Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

MBSE is a methodology for modeling systems engineering product (eg. vaccum cleaner, router, etc) typically involving both hardware and software.

You will learn the best practices, techniques and tools for:

  • Requirements Modeling;
  • Behaviourial Modeling;
  • Structural Modeling; and
  • Simulation.

Full-stack Software Development (FSD)

FSD focuses on coding, testing and deployment of software systems.

You will learn the following:

  • Front-end Development;
  • Back-end Development;and
  • Integrate and Deploy.

Software Engineering Practices (SEP)

There is always a need to practice software engineering such as project management, configuration management and many more.

You will learn software engineering practices such as:

  • Software version control using Git/GitHub
  • Sofware testing techniques
  • Project management such as Scrum

Sparx Systems EA Tool

Improve your proficiency in using the Sparx Systems EA software. You should visit Sparx Systems website that has a rich collection of online resources (eg. webinars, pdfs). Contact us if you need specific/customized training and consultation of the Sparx Systems tools which are not available from the online resources.


Automate your Practices

We partner with the best tools providers to improve and sustain your software development practices.


Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is a high performance and scalable visual modelling tool for the planning, design and construction of software intensive systems.

It is the design tool of choice of over 850,000 registered users world-wide ranging from aerospace and automotive engineering to finance, defense, transportation, power utility, product R&D, entertainment, telecommunications, government, manufacturing and many more.

Sparx Systems Products

Enterprise Architect is available in either standard or floating license. Click below to find out more.

A starter edition with a fully featured UML modelling environment for workgroups, analysts and developers. Includes support for multi user projects and code engineering (import / export / synchronization).

An enterprise workhorse edition with all the features of the Professional edition, with the added ability to use a variety of DBMS's for shared model repositories. Also includes role-based security, auditing and baseline merge tools for managing concurrent users. This edition is for larger teams that require fine-grained control in shared modeling environments.

This edition is for a business, systems and software development professional working on real-time, embedded and systems solutions using UML, SysML, DDS, DMN, BPSim and related technologies. A power tools and framework edition has features and built in tools to help you and your team deliver the best solution possible.

This edition is for power users and those working across multiple domains, the Ultimate Edition offers the complete Enterprise Architect experience. A complete package, the Ultimate Edition contains all the features and bundled software of the other editions.

Click below to request for quotation for new licenses, renewal of subscription and upgrades.